I think having land
and not ruining it is the most beautiful art
that anybody could ever want to own.

(Andy Warhol)


The result of the responsibility to help create new pathways that ensure the sustainability of the environment and of life. All the products are made using solar panels which afford significant energy savings, making them increasingly green and eco-friendly; water consumption is reduced with ozone treatments and up to 60% of the water used is recycled in the denim production process; the scrap fabric is reused in the automotive industry, the pomace stone in construction and gardening.

Sustainability is a vast, widespread concept for HANDPICKED from an ecological perspective. The priority of the brand is to save and recover water throughout the production chain, by using new water-saving technologies in the production treatments and installing purifiers to recover the water used and feed it back into the production cycle. Sustainability is also about zero mileage production: here, that a product is Made in Italy is not only a quality guarantee, but it also lowers the emissions of the transportations required during the various production phases. And sustainability also means durability and therefore recognising the value of the work of its people. Handpicked garments are designed to last beyond the seasonal trends, remaining stylish and intact for years. Producing less and protecting and appreciating its workers is the company’s main sustainability strategy in a nutshell.


is produced by Giada SpA

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