Every detail reveals a man capable of intensity, modernity and awareness.

Diligent is how we describe our search for high-quality materials, such as the cotton grown with methods that respect nature used to produce the high-performance fibers of selected denims.

Elevated is the technological know-how that lets us give form to our idea of Contemporary Man.

Natural like our style, made by human and professional resources up to the task which represent the most authentic matrix of the “Made in Italy” artisan tradition. Today more than ever, HandPicked dress the values of the Man of Worth.

“We travel across cities, where the future solidifies with a burst of intensity. Here we carve out the new breath of the encounter. Here we create the new frontiers of living, a refined interweaving of beauty and simplicity, in the newness that will come. Here we narrate the shapes and colors of man, in the knowledge that tomorrow, once more, it will take place in the weft of the story with the warp of nature.”


is produced by Giada SpA

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