Working on the coherence of image and style has led to the development of a concept
corner capable of translating the Handpicked philosophy into physical space

The two fundamental elements used to create the concept corner are burnished brass and lava grey laminate.
Immediately recognizable and iconic, they further enrich the project and help to convey a clear idea of what
HandPicked aims to achieve. Starting with an initial project in the multibrand Arteni store in Udine, the concept corner will be widely distributed nationally and internationally over the next seasons, in order to support and enrich HandPicked products in stores.

The crowning glory of the retail project came with the opening of HandPicked monobrand stores: by further expanding and structuring the iconic elements designed for the concept corners, the store allows customers to experience the brand’s philosophy at 360°.
The retail adventure starts in Sicily, the italian region strongly linked to Giada for its manufacturing sites located across the territory, and in particular was chosen one of the most evocative and appreciated cities in the world for its natural and artistic beauty, Taormina.

Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.

jean cocteau