HandPicked and Ignazio Moser present the “Moser Project”: a capsule collection of 5-pocket jeans in limited edition denim, which brings together Ignazio Moser’s individual style and taste, and the Made in Italy excellence of the denim brand.
The “Moser Project” is a celebration of the elegance, care and beauty that encapsulates the very concept of Italian-ness, made possible by a collaboration with Ignazio Moser, who embodies the values of HandPicked and becomes an ambassador for the brand. Ignazio Moser stands out for his elegant, understated appearance; he’s an influencer from the world of sport with strong family values, a well-mannered reference point for the young people who buy into the aesthetic of a brand he has supported since its early collections. “Moser Project” is a shared and character-defining collection in which Ignazio Moser was able to fully express himself, with access to the historic archive of Giada Spa, a company that has stood out in luxury denim for more than 35 years. Thanks to the deep natural understanding between the two, this collaboration translated into a collection that promotes uniqueness, expressed in garments with exquisite detailing which become iconic and tell the story of a man who is a star of his age, and who seeks urban luxury without compromising on comfort; clothes that can also be worn in more formal situations.

A collection with contemporary, alternative appeal, designed for people whose 5-pocket jeans are the most important item in the wardrobe. The capsule collection consists of 7 models, one for each day of the week, created for denim lovers. Styles range from minimal to used, complete with rips and vintage-mood patches. A combination of balance and proportion characterises the simpler styles, while the more elaborate showcase the creative virtuosity of the brand. In addition to the established shapes Milano and Bronte, which lean towards slim fit, there’s a new, softer look for the on-trend tapered model Verona. The denims used are exquisite and recycled. The leather tag, a highly distinctive detail, was specially designed and features high-precision hand-embroidery and the heat-engraved words “Moser Project”, spelling out the two partners in the collaboration. The metal components are customised, the top button embellished with the same material as the tag. All garments are identified by a label featuring Moser’s signature. All pieces are rigorously Made in Italy, and every detail conveys the collection’s quality and sartorial attention to detail.

“Ignazio Moser and HandPicked understood each other immediately: we recognised in him – and he in us – the ideal partner for the creation of a capsule collection based on research, passion and creativity, an opportunity for experimentation, drawing on the DNA and expertise of Giada and the sophisticated taste of Ignazio Moser. An experience that results in garments for living that are lived in, designed and shaped by the personality of those who will wear and love them; a journey that preserves the essential elements of durability, sustainability and modernity”, explains Franco Catania, CEO of Giada Spa.

“It was a huge honour to work on this project with the HandPicked team; a fantastic opportunity to put myself out there and really get to know an exceptional Italian brand like Giada” Ignazio Moser says; “the capsule reflects me 100%, these are the perfect denims, which I’d wear anytime”.

The capsule collection will initially be available only on the website, and later from selected stores.
HandPicked is the luxury denim brand from Giada Spa that stands out for sustainability and Made In Italy tailoring. It offers contemporary clothes that are both sophisticated and casual, designed to go beyond seasonal fashions and last over time. Artisan skill and innovation turn HandPicked denim into superb garments. The production chain ranges from north to south, drawing on the best tailoring facilities available in the country. The company stands out for its commitment to developing products that are increasingly green, through the use of solar energy, saving and recycling water, and sustainable disposal of industrial waste. Production includes approximately 100 steps, most of which are done by hand. The 5-pocket jeans are recognisable for their style details: the grosgrain inner tape, the embroidered strip on the pocket, the sober contrasts and the garment name embroidered on the pocket inner side. The models in the collection are all named after cities packed with history, art and culture. The brand motto is “WEAR YOUR VALUES”.