For Giada, the concept of Made in Italy is a starting point, not a single added value. It is the essence of a strategy, the certainty of the value of an entire creation and realisation process.
Giada connotes the concept of quality with numerous verifiable assets: the choice of keeping the key functions of the value chain in-house (styling, modelling, Research & Development), the direct creation of part of the cut and tailoring, the choice of Italian partners mainly selected at Km0 and the sharing with suppliers of rigour, professionalism and ethics values.

First as a licensee and then as producer of its own HANDPICKED brand, by implementing a real management of a 100% integrated supply chain Giada avoids the splitting often caused by the complexity of denim manufacture processes. The production chain has become a controlled process that breaks out of the ordinary patterns of serial production, thanks to the attention to detail that allows the creation of a product of true sartorial excellence.


The Italian region of Veneto is home to world-famous fashion manufacturers.  Here you can breathe in the air of serious, hard-working entrepreneurship, here people work with body and heart, and so the Adria plant soon became insufficient.It needs support, which is sought and found in the numerous collaborations with local artisans, who make it possible to increase production and support the expansion that has been going on for more than 30 years.

Giada’s pride and joy is its Bronte production facility, which encompasses the entire supply chain, including, among others, a state-of-the-art chemical laboratory and a new-generation laundry.

The techniques involved in the production of denim are complex, because the fabric itself and its workmanship require very special steps and processes. Giada has chosen to invest in unusual choices, in order to adopt denim production technologies that are truly sustainable and do not negatively affect the environment, its vitality and its quality. Production is based on technologies that adhere to a true Green Denim Culture, to preserve the Planet, the home that hosts us.

Well done is better than well said.

(Benjamin Franklin)