The combination of high-quality yarn and Italian style defines the unique mix created by Hand Picked.
From the outset the true excellence of the garments is guaranteed by high-quality denim,
produced with fine cottons grown using low water-consumption methods.
The result is a fundamental part of the added value of the brand:
fabrics with a unique hand that represent state of the art weaving techniques.


Hand Picked immediately shows its artisan DNA.
Buttonholes feature tailored jacket-style construction finished with a mini bar tack;
loops made using highly specialized machinery and also trimmed on the reverse
then attached inside the trouser waistband for durability over time.
Each detail is designed to best enhance shapes and treatments,
such as the pockets of denim trousers whose back edge
is made with inner piping, or the fifth pocket with its invisible internal stitching.
Nothing is left to chance. Hand Picked is synonymous with a constant search
for materials and traditions typical of haute couture, and expertly adapted for the occasion.


Sustainability is a broad concept for Hand Picked. From an ecological point of view,
the brand has prioritised saving and recovering water through the use,
throughout the supply chain, of new water-saving technologies in production treatments
and in the installation of water purifiers for the recovery of wastewater and its reuse in the production cycle.
Sustainability is also productive proximity. As Made in Italy is not only a guarantee of quality,
but also of reducing transport emissions needed during production steps.
But more than anything, sustainability is durability and consequently enhances the work of people.
Hand Picked garments are designed to go beyond seasonal fashion, and are made to last for years.
Producing less while protecting and enhancing workers is the principal sustainability project.